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Name Correction

Name is the key for a person’s success in life. If the name is chosen correctly matching destiny number with respect to the birth date then the person will become successful in life.

If you want to change your name as per numerology, then First calculate your “Soul Number”. If you want growth in your career, then a specific alphabet ‘x’ will be added according to your birth chart. If you want to improve your married life relation then a specific alphabet ‘y’ will be added according to your birth chart.

Both Cheiro or Chaldean methods are extremely right, so we take both ways for consistency. It is better to take the final result to determine compatibility score, which is an average of both numerology branches. Numerology divination has other different branches also, like Pythagorean name numerology, Kabbalah method, Hebrew Arithmancy, Chinese Lo Shu Grid, in which your name numbers can be entirely different, therefore results can be different.

Role of Numbers in Name Change

Name should be compatible with your date of birth from which you will get maximum benefits of the number. Various sets of problems can be solved through name corrections. Numerology uses the number to change the destiny of a person. You can consult our numerologists for name correction with our numerologist.There are many known celebrities and influential people who have achieved success by changing their names and the spellings of their name. Every name number has certain attributes which other name numbers either don’t have or have in an enhanced way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which name should I check to see whether it is lucky or not?

Our numerologists follow the Chaldean/Cheiro numeral method for getting name numerology numbers, so you should use the most popular/prevalent name, either its first name, full name or nickname.

When should I change my name?

If you are feeling that your name is not compatible or fortunate enough, then you can think to change your name, because changing the birth date is impossible, but a name can be changed after analyzing it.

How to change the name for the best result of numerology?

We suggest you check the first name by adding or reducing vowels or consonants, until you get the best result. It's also a markable thing to keep the pronunciation of the name almost the same. A Full change of name can change your personality, fate, zodiac sign etc. For better results consult with our numerologists.

What is the meaning of 0 in name numbers?

Suppose, your name has no vowel or consonant, it means you have not a soul urge or personality number, so life path or birthday number has no conflict with these name numbers, therefore there can be a score of 100%.

Why Jyotirvid for Name Correction?

Get the name correction recommendation from our expert numerologists after analyzing your soul number with effective solutions. You will get your report directly on your email within 2-3 days from Jyotirvid. You can ask any question to our expert numerologists and get answers to your worries with effective remedial suggestions only at ₹99.