Why Do We Cover Our Head In Temple During Worship

Reverence and respect for elders in Hindus are inculcated since birth. So much so that they see them as deities. A lot has changed since the development of Hinduism. However, there are present some basic traditions that have been in practice since then. One of them is to cover the head in the temple.

Every cultural practice has its own code of ethics that people usually follow. Some of those practices are really stringent. Hinduism, which is one of the world’s oldest religions, has its own culture. There are many customs and traditions associated with it. The core objective is to treat everyone with love and respect and honor.

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Why Hindu Covered Head In Temple

More religiously it is followed in the temples in the North. South is a bit lenient when it comes to covering the head. Of course, in South India, there are other rituals that seem stricter, especially regarding one’s sartorial choices one adheres to while visiting a temple.

There are two ways of going before someone whom you adore more. One way is without any respect and the other is with respect. Behind covering the head in a temple, the idea is to mark respect, gratitude, and humility towards the divine that the people have come to visit.

women cover head in temple

A theory suggested by spiritual leaders is that one can concentrate better on the religious proceedings when the head is covered. Incidentally, in India, especially in Hindu it is expected for married women to cover their heads in front of their male in-laws as a similar form of respect and humility.

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Benefits Of Covering Head During Pooja

It is with the intent of achieving the Almighty’s blessings and grace when we visit a temple. In a temple’s premises, it is believed that vibrations are such that it awakens the Atma Shakti or the energy of the soul. Through the Brahmarandhra which is the crown of the head, this awakened Atma Shakti can get easily discharged within seconds if not harnessed well. Therefore, it is important to cover one’s head inside a temple.

It is also believed by some that the tradition of covering the head among women is due to the Islamic conquest of the Northern region. The women were kept in hiding mostly or each time they would step out they would cover their faces so that no invaders would be enticed enough to carry them off with them.

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Religious benefits of covering heads in temple

Another theory by religious practitioners is that when one covers their head, they can concentrate better. Therefore, even men cover their heads during such religious ceremonies. Also, there are different aspects of covering the head in different religions.

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