10 Vastu Tips Before Construction of Your House

People often ignore the importance of Vastu in their lives. Vastu has enormous significance in our everyday lives. An ancient architectural science finds its origins in India according to which the design and construction of buildings are influenced. Vastu works with the help of natural laws that make the universe go around. One should follow the Vastu Tips before construction of the house, the foundation of a home to experience a world of good.

The origin of Vastu can be traced back almost 7000 years ago. Majorly, Vastu Shastra guides through the process of choosing a piece of land and constructing buildings. Vastu in Sanskrit means “site” or “house foundation” and shastra means “science” or “teaching.” People who follow Vastu Shastra before construction of the house or using Vastu tips for the home foundation will give good results.

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10 Essential Vastu Tips to Consider Before Constructing Your Home

Below there are some of the important tips of Vastu while constructing a house.

  1. The shape of the plot is an important thing to consider before finalizing the construction. Regular shapes are the best thing to go about as irregular shapes can have adverse effects on occupants.
  2. Towards North-East, a well should be dug before constructing a house.
  3. North and East should have more open space and South and West not so much.
  4.  The northeast corner is not so suitable for planting trees. However, all other directions are fine.
  5. Heavy trees should be on the South, West, and South-West side.
  6. Southern and Western sides should not have many windows. East and North are more suitable for windows.
  7. Doors should not be in a straight line in the house.
  8. The front door should always be larger than the other doors.
  9. The North-East must be the first ‘direction’ to be dug. Once the construction starts, it should follow the East, North, and finally South and West.
  10. The plot should have a more elevated surface on the Western side than the Western side and the Southern should be more elevated than the Northern side.

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Vastu Shastra Directions

Directions in Vastu for pre construction of house

The directions play an important role in Vastu Shastra as it is believed that different directions are governed by different planets and everything together has a specific influence on residents. One can only balance diverse forces by understanding the effects of directions. One should follow the direction rules given by Vastu for the pre-construction of your new house.


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