10 Basic Vastu Tips For Your Home – Essential Vastu Guide

A home is not just a house to live in, it is a space where a family is nurtured and grows together. Therefore, this space should be flowing with positive energy so that we have a good mental space and a healthy space of living. The design, decor, and maintenance of our home are an exact representation of our lives. Here are some basics Vastu Tips for your home, which are essential for different energies that influence our lives.

Why is Vastu important for a house?

A proven science that largely manipulates the natural forces in one’s favor, so as to harmonize and channelize positivity around the dwellers of a house is Vastu vidya. Vastu Vidya is important for a home as it harmonizes nature’s energy such as – sun, moon, wind, light, thermal, earth, electric, magnetic, and cosmic energy. When harmonized, these energies render the utmost benefits to the dwellers of a house with growth and prosperity.

Vastu being the science of architecture combines all five of nature’s elements and focuses on the direction of living space together to create a congenial setting or atmosphere that showers the occupants with peace, prosperity, happiness, and soundness of health. The ancient science of architecture, Vastu finds its origin in the Vedas. It works on the principle that earth/soil is the living organism that cultivates the life forms of living beings. Vastu most commonly can be described as the space-creation mechanism that forms a connection between a person’s life and the time cycle.

10 Basic Vastu Tips for your Home

In this article, I am going to write about a few tips to keep the energies of the house balanced.

vastu for house
  1. Decluttering is very important. Most people have a habit of hoarding. Hoarders are everywhere to be found. Hoarding unnecessary things block the flow of energy. To let positivity in, decluttering is an important task. Have the heart to throw away things that don’t serve their purpose anymore. Not only during festivals like Diwali but decluttering should be included in our routine.
  2. Sunlight is very important for overall health. It’s a great source of Vitamin D. It also acts as a natural purifier. Every morning the windows should be open and the curtains should be drawn for more light to come in.
  3. Plants bring in positive vibes in the house. A little green is always nice to have around in the house. Bamboo Plant is one such plant that should be kept in the house.
  4. The living room should be east facing, or north or north-east facing. However, a living room that is north-west-facing is also good enough.
  5. The west or south-west direction of the living room should be the place where heavy furniture should be kept.
  6. The southeast section of the living room is where all electronics and appliances should be installed in.
  7. The mirror in the room should be placed on the north wall.
  8. To create an oasis of serenity, candles should be lit often.
  9. Paintings depicting water should not be kept in the living room as water resembles instability.
  10. Walls should be painted in a neutral earthy tone as it radiates positivity. 


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