10 Effective Vastu Tips for Good Health

The age-old adage “Where there is health there is wealth” is a very true saying among people. This motto makes people focus on their health and everything associated with it. But most of the time people ignore things like Vastu which is a very important element in our everyday living. No matter however many measures you take but if your Vastu is not on point, there will develop health issues. And to keep such health issues at bay, it is only advisable to bring Vastu into our lives. Let’s know about some effective Vastu tips for good health & a prosperous home.

Why is Vastu for Health so important?

That aspect of cosmic science that deals with health and its aspects targeting the positive energies in a house to improve both the physical and mental health of an individual and their family as well as their overall well-being is what Vastu for health is.

Vastu not only improves the physical and mental health of people but also activates and balances the 7 chakras within the body. Chakras are the whirling energy centers in our body that serve as the entry point of life energy also known as ‘prana’ into our body. Activating and balancing these chakras helps in the overall well-being.

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An individual is at his/her best health when the seven chakras in the body are opened or balanced. Good Vastu generates positive energy that is largely responsible for balancing the seven chakras. This also helps a person achieve inner peace and live a well-balanced and healthy life.

10 Effective Vastu tips for good health and wealth

To attain the 3 P’s of life namely prosperity, peace, and progress, one must follow the rules of Vastu. It yields maximum benefits when you follow some basics Vastu tips for a healthy & prosperous home.

Vastu tips for good health and wealth
  1. It is advised to sleep with head towards the south or East.
  2. One should not sleep or sit under a directly exposed beam.
  3. It is advised to face east or North when one is having a meal.
  4. South-East is the direction for the location of an ideal kitchen.
  5. To avoid health problems among the women in the house one, the kitchen should be not constructed in the North-East direction.
  6. North-East is where flowing water should be placed, it keeps the energy flowing in the house.
  7. To keep the elderly or the head of the family in good health, the South-West corner should be used by them.
  8. Iron items should not be kept under the bed as it creates health issues. 
  9. The bed should be kept three inches away from the wall.
  10. Toilets and kitchens should be kept separated with a good distance between them.


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