How bangles can make a difference in your life? Multi-Colored Bangles

Bangles are the first-ever noted evidence of accessories humans wore. The statue of a girl that is most frequently mentioned as the ‘dancing girl’ in texts and seen in images is 4500 years old and she is depicted as nude except for an arm that was covered with bangles. This evidence of a girl sculpted in bronze with bangles covered arm proves that humans used accessories since time immemorial. 

“Just as a house may be fitted with a copper rod to absorb the shock of lightning, so can the bodily can be protected in certain ways”. Sri Yukteswar(quoted in Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda).

Importance of Bangles in Women Life

Years ago the sages came up with ways to combat the adverse effects of the planetary movements. They discovered that astral light emitted by pure metals can be useful in counteracting the negative pull of the planets.

It is mandatory for newlywed brides to wear bangles made of glass, gold, or other metals as they signify the long life of the husband. They signify good fortune and prosperity. 

If you want to keep all the negativity at bay, steer clear of plastic bangles. They are considered to attract the negativity around you. While glass bangles bring you luck, keep them close! The shinglings of glass bangles not only are a treat to your ears but also are believed to bring in positive energy.

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How Multi Colored Bangles Affect Different Zodiacs Signs?

Gold and silver bangles are usually worn for the wearer to have a life full of vigor and an increased lifespan. The constant contact of the metal with the wearer’s body help strengthen the bones, eliminates any negative energy around the wearer and the space they reside in. Bangles are claimed to have improved health conditions too.

Multi Colored Bangles

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Red is your color, it ushers in luck for Arians. Not only will you be reaping the benefits of wearing red bangles but also your partner’s life will change for the better. Let alone the aesthetical boost that it adds to your overall charm, the benefits of wearing red bangles for you Arians are manifold.

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For Taureans, golden or brown-colored bangles bring immense luck to you. For married women, wearing golden or brown colored bangles can bring success to the spouses.

Gold Bangles


The women who are born under the sign Gemini, to bring luck and fortune in their life should at least wear two pink bangles in each of their hands.


Yellow or Orange for Cancerians. Wearing these colors enhances luck, ushers in happiness, and illuminates the goodness of life. 


When Leo women wear green bangles, wealth and prosperity fill their sacks in abundance. Green bangles in astrology also help in fixing late marriage in unmarried women. 


Violet or purple are the colors for this sign. Wearing these colors help eradicate big troubles from their lives.


For Librans, light green bangles do the work.


Scorpio women should wear eight orange-colored bangles to bring in happiness and enhance luck.  


Nine yellow bangles for women under this sign are deemed beneficial.


Capricorns should wear two-colored bangles as it is believed to open the doors to endless opportunities.


What is advisable for Aquarians is to avoid wearing light-colored bangles and only wear dark ones. This helps in strengthening the relationship they share with their acquaintances. 


Pisceans should at least wear two orange bangles or any other color teamed up with orange to open the door to fortune.

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