Astrological Tips to Sleep Better at Night – 7 Tips For Good Sleep

Sleep is the most common and important aspect of human life. Good sleep can make a day and an unhealthy circadian rhythm can break it. An unhealthy circadian rhythm is set on a repetitive sleep pattern. Therefore, one should make sure, one misses not a day of sound sleep. And how do you achieve that? Some common and widely sought astrological tips to sleep better are as follows:

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7 Astrological Tips For Good Sleep

The important thing after a busy day is good sleep that converts our tiredness into an energetic mode is sleep. Sleep is represented by the Guna and is a necessity of the physical body to energize and again start its daily activities. Here is the list of 7 Astrological tips to sleep better that can be used to get a quality of sleep. Also, you can consult with our astrologer.

  1. To start with the basics, one should not have any gadgets like a mobile phone or digital watches, bands, or any other similar gadgets on the bed as they aid in making Rahu which is the north node of the moon, stronger. This can cause a disturbance in one’s sleep.
  2. To attract positive energy, one must keep a copper vessel with water in it near the bed. This attracts positive energies towards oneself which induces proper quality sleep. Not only this but also drinking that water in the morning can help one detoxify.
  3. The footwear you wear outside should not be worn inside your bedroom as they disturb the energies that promote peace, calmness, and serenity inside the bedroom.
  4. People who have cluttered under beds attract the troubling energies of Saturn and disrupt a sound sleep. Therefore, one should make sure no clutter is accumulated under one’s bed.
  5. Having soothing & light-colored bedsheets spread and pillow covers on your bed attract positive energies of Venus and Moon that represent the water element which when balanced in your life brings calm & peace.
  6. Under a  beam or pillar should is not the ideal position to sleep. Sleeping under a beam or pillar could make one dream bad and unpleasant dreams. This could make you wake up very stressed and result in light sleeping. Such sleep leaves you feeling lethargic and tired.
  7. Some jaggery should be placed in a covered vessel near your bedside and a cow should be fed that jaggery the first thing in the morning. This usher in the positive energies of Jupiter in your life which in return promotes good health and blesses you with a night of quality sleep.

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